Tropical Fish Index

This is the just the beginning of what will be an extensive Tropical Fish Index. For now I will just list all the types of tropical fish as I add them, but when there are enough I will group them into family groups.

Each of the fish profiles will have basic information that will help you take good care of them. I will also try and source the highest quality pictures of each fish to help you recognise each species.

Along with each profile, there is a comment form where you can add any tips or suggestions that you think of and even upload pictures of your fish!

So here we go...

Albino Cory - Corydoras Aeneus

Betta Fish - Betta Splendens

Clown Loach - Chromobotia Macracanthus

Discus Fish - Symphysodon spp.

Dwarf Gourami - Colisa Lalia

Neon Tetra - Paracheirodon Innesi

Oranda Goldfish - Carassius Auratus

Ram Cichlid - Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi

Zebra Danio - Danio Rerio

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